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Level 70 Blogger LFG PST

February 18, 2008

Does that title mean anything to you? If so, welcome! If not, let me explain…

I decided to radically change the direction of my humble C-P blog from my own web wanderings to something a bit dearer to my heart right now – World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, or MMORPG for short. The mumbo-jumbo basically means that I sit at my computer and pretend to be a mighty adventurer alongside people from all over the world. We can work together, we can try to hinder each other, we can chat, and we can ignore each other.

I first logged into World of Warcraft in early 2005. I played on the Azjol-Nerub server, and got an Undead Mage up to level 39. Then I hopped over to Shadowsong to rejoin some old gaming buddies (I’m a gamer geek — I played Asheron’s Call and City of Heroes prior to WoW) and raised up a Human rogue to 60 and a Dwarven priest up to 61. Then my guild imploded (guilds bring drama, always) and I left for about 6 or so months. I hopped to yet another server – this time Hyjal and found a new guild. My paladin, Akromah, hit level 70 on Valentine’s Day (sad, yes) and I’m still having a complete blast!

With over 10 million players (2.5 million in North America) I’m sure there are some in South Jersey. So let me hear from you…brag about your gear, talk about your guild, share know how you are balancing your real life and your WoW life.

And after this post, I hereby vow not to use the terms/phrases: QQ, n00b, learn to play or Chuck Norris in my World of Warcraft posts.

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