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Kara, Kara, no time is a good time for goodbyes…

March 4, 2008

My guild ran Karazhan again this weekend and still couldn’t get past Prince Melchazaar.

With this fight, as usual, you’re going to want your big strong sword/shield/punchy characters right on the bad guy, and your squishy wizards and healers further away.

I count as a big strong punchy type, thankyouverymuch. 😉

The Prince, in addition to wailing on you and summoning extra floating axes, casts enfeeble spells on the punchy guys. That spell brings your TOTAL health down to 1 measly health point. At that point, you can be killed by something as teensy as an Olsen twin walking by. So you need to run away from him until that spell fades from you. He also casts Shadow Nova explosions.

And did I mention the Infernals? As you fight him, Infernals (Think rock-demons, but not the Eddie VanHalen type) fall from the sky every 45 seconds. They last for 3 minutes each and emit flames 360 degrees around them. They fall in random places in the room, so you can’t plan on standing in pre-determined spots. You also need to hope that the Infernals don’t fall between the wizards/healers and the fighters.

So between the Prince, his Infernals, the floating axes, people running around with 1 health point, and the Shadow Nova explosions – it’s easy for the whole debacle to start resembling a Hannah Montana ticket sale. And then everyone ends up dead.

To see how the fight should go, click here (This is a YouTube video…as always with YouTube, beware of nastiness in comments)

I didn’t run the entire raid this weekend, because I had something to do on Sunday (Gasp! Shock!). Instead, when I had time, I played my level 41 undead mage (a mage is a spellcaster class – in my case I hurl “Great Balls of Fire.”), Leota. A big “Well-done!” if you can tell me where I got her name from.

Our Kara runs resume this weekend. In the meantime, here we are in happier days – the first time we downed Netherspite.

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