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You down with PVP? Yeah you know me!

March 21, 2008

Happy Spring!

I took the week off from South Jersey’s Best Newspaper (that’s be the Courier-Post for those of you not in the know) so I could hang out at home, do laundry, spend time with the dogs and SO, and do a bunch of nothing.

Little did I know that I’d be sucked into the world of PVP battle.

If you’re not on a dedicated PvP server and want to mix it up, you can go to the arena or battlegrounds – special areas on the server where Alliance and Horde (the 2 warring factions in WoW) fight each other over an objective. There are 4 battlegrounds, each with its own goal. Sometimes it’s as simple as capturing the opponent’s flag – that’s Warsong Gulch. Other times you want to capture the area’s resources and control the majority of them before your opponent – that’s Arathi Basin. In Alterac Valley, you want to take towers and destroy your opponent’s reinforcements/leaders before they destroy yours. The fourth battleground, Eye of the Storm, is a weird amalgam of the other three battlegrounds and only open to level 70 characters.

Even if your side loses a battleground, you accumulate honor points from achieved objectives and enemies disposed with, and marks (like medals) for just showing up. Obviously, the better you do, the more honor/marks you get. You can then spend the honor and marks on better gear. Very mercenary, hm?

On a whim, I threw Akromah into a Warsong Gulch battleground. I hesitated because I really really am not good in free-for-all battle against characters played by other thinking, breathing and hungry human beings. But I found out that if I ignore the wannabe generals screaming orders in the chat window (everyone thinks they’re a Patton even when they’re just a Custer) PvP play is pretty fun. In Warsong Gulch, you need to capture the opponent’s flag 3 times, and run it from their keep to yours. Naturally, this angers the enemy and they try to hinder you from doing that. Usually with swords, arrows and fireballs. As a paladin, I do very well when I run alongside the flag carrier, making sure he’s healed up and shielded against the attackers along the way.

And victory is so, so sweet. Just ask the New York Giants!
And victory is so, so addictive. Just ask the Eagles. Wait, don’t. 😉

I planned on saving my honor points for a new mace that’ll give me a nice bonus to healing. It takes about 25,000 honor points. As of last night’s Karazhan* run, I was halfway there. Then this puppy dropped off of “The Maiden!” It’s just about identical to the one I was saving honor for!

Woot! My guild was thrilled for me and for a few moments, I felt like Miss Azeroth!

If I had a hammer...hey, I *do* have a hammer!

If I had a hammer...hey, I *do* have a hammer!

So even though I don’t need the PvP reward hammer anymore, I’ll continue with the PvP – it adds another aspect of fun to an already fun game.

(Lest you think I played WoW all week, I took the dogs to the park, did some shopping and made some neat earrings for myself. I’m not all-WoW-all-the-time. Anymore. Well, not often.)

*Last night we cleared all the way up to Curator with only 2 wipes (a wipe is when everyone in the party dies). One of which was completely my fault. But that was pre-cool-hammer me.

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