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Let's go crazy! Let's get nuts!

March 23, 2008

A quick note…our guild finally downed the Prince last night in Karazhan! It happened on our third try and I got a nice new cape. We wiped twice on Nightbane, the last boss in the dungeon. To combat Kara-fatigue, we’re having the next run in 2 weeks (another 2-nighter) and 2 weeks after that, we hope to clear it all in one session.

Ding dong the Prince is dead!

Ding dong the Prince is dead!

Group composition for Prince:

  • 1 Warlock
  • 2 Rogues
  • 2 Paladins (both holy)
  • 2 Priests (1 shadow, 1 holy)
  • 1 Shaman
  • 1 Hunter
  • 1 Warrior (prot)

Yay us!

No major WoW action for me for the next 2 nights…I’ll be wrapped up in Dancing with the Stars! (Don’t judge me! Maybe I’ll get a thread started in our forums…)

And back to work for me tomorrow. It’s been a fun week, but it’ll be nice to actually put some nice clothes on and get out of this ponytail.

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