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I'm taking what they giving cause I'm questing for a living

April 14, 2008

Just like in the real world, many characters in World of Warcraft want to you do their dirty work for them. The very romantic word for these often mundane tasks (Kill 10 riverpaw gnolls! Take this ring to the top of Mount Doom and throw it into the lava!! Complete the TPS reports by 5:30! ) is “quest.” It’s easy to identify a quest-giver in WoW because they have a gigantic bright yellow exclamation point on top of their heads.

I hate quests. I’d much rather amble around the WoW countryside and kill everything. But quests offer rewards – both experience points and treasure – so I begrudgingly do them.

Because of my love for quests, my guy got this cap for me for Christmas last year



So what does a level 70 character do to pass the time in WoW when there are no more levels to be gained?

Daily quests. These are quests that you can repeat every day, and you get a nice pouch of gold for your efforts. You can currently do 25 of these suckers a day.

Let me let that sink in a moment. It takes me 10 minutes to complete one of these quests when everything goes right. Ten minutes time 25 quests is 250 minutes a day doing quests. Which is a little over 4 hours of straight daily questing a day – IF everything goes right.

I want to meet the person who can complete 25 quests a day. Just so I can drag them outside and show them the sun.

Edited at 11:16pm to increase font and change “my birthday” to “Christmas.” I am a horrible girlfriend.;)

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