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I need a Hero(ic)!

April 22, 2008

Did a very rare weeknight dungeon run tonight – Heroic Steamvaults. When you hit level 70 and are ready to “kick it up a notch” (since Martha bought Emeril, is that her phrase now?) you can go to the various Outlands dungeons and set them to “Heroic” level. More baddies, harder baddies. For each boss that you defeat, each member of the party gets a Heroic badge, which you can use to purchase even higher level armor. It took our little party (feral druid tank, shadow priest, arcane/frost mage, combat rogue and holy paladin – me!) about 90 minutes and only 3 wipes to finish it. While that isn’t the best run ever I’m still pleased with it…we were basically messing around with new tactics.

I now have 44 heroic badges. I’m saving toward a new chestpiece for Akromah that costs 100 badges. Yeah. I’m a loooong way away. But it’s just another goal to work for in this ever-changing game.

I received word from my guildmate in Iraq – he’s settled in and doing well, considering the circumstances. So that makes us all feel better. His presence is missed.

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