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Young hearts be free tonight

May 1, 2008

Happy May!

I found this a little while back, and it cracked me up so I thought I’d share it with you.

Background: I was playing Lord of the Rings Online* and got asked the question I get all the time, “Are you really a girl?” I confirmed that I was female – I was 34 at the time and I didn’t feel comfortable with the “girl” label. Then I got by far the best pick-up line ever in an online game:

I can't even begin to caption this

I can't even begin to caption this

Of course, I told him no – with a question like that I was most likely old enough to be his mother, anyway. And put him on my ignore list when he wouldn’t stop badgering me for a picture. But our little exchange will last forever!

Our guild has scheduled a Zul’Aman run for a Sunday in mid-May. Zul’Aman is a 10-person dungeon designed to be tougher than the Karazhan run that has been kicking our butts, so it should be a complete disaster. Oh, and have I mentioned none of us have been there before? Hello! Disaster! But a fun disaster, I hope. After all, it’s just pixels. And it’ll be a very nice change of scenery for us.

*We played a month, and I didn’t like it much. They didn’t have the classes I wanted to play (priest or wizard) and the population on our server was really low. So I ended up going back to World of Warcraft.

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