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It goes to show you never can tell

May 8, 2008

(juicy info redacted in order to protect the innocent – he’s just trying to relax at the end of the day like the rest of us)

I was hanging out in World of Warcraft the night before last, messing around with my Tauren warrior – she’s level 30 now! A commercial came on the TV for a well-known television show that I once watched religiously but stopped. So I idly mentioned it in guild chat in order to stir up some conversation. Little did I know the conversation I’d stir up. Guildmate 1 is relatively new to our guild. Guildmate 2 is not.

Me: I’m so glad I don’t watch (TV show) anymore.
Guildmate 1: lol!
Guildmate 2: Hey, T, don’t you work on (TV show)?
G1: I do. But it’s okay. No loyalties there.
Me: Get out! You are on (TV show?)
G1: Yeah. I play (names a lesser-known character).
Me: OMG! (opens up Firefox in another browser, Googles the guy’s character name and finds his IMDB profile. Comes back to the game.)
G2: Cue “starstruck” in 3..2..1…
Me: What are the chances that of all of the TV shows out there, I completely put down the ONE TV show that you work on?

Lesson learned…be careful what you say…you never know which TV star might be listening.

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