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Walking on sunshine

May 28, 2008

RIP, little video card.

It was a GeForce 6800 from a few years back. The fan started malfunctioning, so when I tried to play WoW the card would overheat and I’d get the “blue screen of death.” My workaround was to open the case and blow a 12″ tabletop fan directly into the unit. Even with that, my framerate dropped day by day until Shattrath became merely a slideshow. And it was noisy. And my feet were getting cold. (I’m one of THOSE girls. My feet are almost always in socks.)

So this past weekend I went to Best Buy and purchased the GeForce 8800. Not a huge upgrade at all but it was very nice to be able to turn off my external fan and put the case back onto the PC. My guild celebrated by having Akromah heal them through Heroic-level Underbog. Which I did. Only 51 more badges to go until I can buy my new chestpiece. (sigh) I need to work harder at that.

Which is hard now that spring is in full effect. Lately I’d rather take the dogs to the park and walk in the sunshine than do the dailies – although the dailies on the Isle of Quel’danas are very easy to for me to solo. I can make close to 80 gold in 45 minutes.

Anyway, I’m currently ogling this t-shirt. The paladin symbols are noticible enough that fellow Warcraft players would recognize it, but vague enough that the people at work on “Casual Fridays” would think it’s just a weird pattern.

Yeah…I think I’ll pick it up. I bleed “geek” anymore.


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