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Bird bird bird, bird is the word

May 31, 2008

So somebody attempted to “pick me up” tonight in World of Warcraft. I was on my level 1 auction mule. My characters send sellable loot to her, and she puts it in the auction house. It costs only a few copper to send the items and my real characters can stay out “in the frontier” and not waste time coming back to the major cities. She’s called a “mule” because she holds stuff. I was sorting the junk from the good stuff when I received a private message from a level 26 Orc Warrior…

Warrior: hi

Me: Hello

Warrior: Is this an alt or are u just startin out?

Me: Alt. Goodbye (logs out fo the game)

Geez. That sounded just like “Hey, baby…you come around here much?” back during my Iguana Beach Club days. (Yeah…I’m that old)


In other news, I was in Zul’Aman today. The guild subbed me in when their regular healer had to leave. While I was there we took down the second boss (Akil’zon, the “bird” boss) but completely went down in flames during the run to the third. Looks like we all need to get fire-resistant enchants on our armor if we want to progress. Akil’zon’s Talonblade dropped. And the hunter won the roll. The hunter who uses a bow. The hunter! In any case, it was a nice way to spend a rainy Saturday.

Here’s some “before and after” eye-candy from ZA…

(nervously staring at the "Eagle Lord" from the bottom of the steps)
(dead after the our second try)

(dead after the our second try)

My paladin t-shirt came in the mail today. It’s quite cute.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Tomorrow should be absolutely lovely – I can’t wait. I love my game, but I love summer weather even more!


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