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Nine hours?!??!

June 16, 2008

Nine hours. Nine hours. NINE HOURS I played that game yesterday. Nine hours. ONE Karazhan run. It should have taken four hours. But we had a lot of people taking newer characters and it was slow slow slow. And I would have screwed the group had I dropped out halfway.

I updated my Facebook profile last night bemoaning the fact that I wasted nine hours (NINE HOURS!) of my Sunday in Kara. So today, one of my coworkers directed me to this video from The Onion. (Satircal News site)

I liked the post-it-notes on the virtual player’s monitor.

We finished the whole dungeon, as I expected to after nine hours (NINE HOURS!). I got the Boots of Valiance off of Moroes and Light’s Justice off of Prince. The boots were a great upgrade from the old level 60-something boots I had, and the hammer will be a smallish upgrade once I get it enchanted.

With the 22 badges I got from last night’s NINE HOUR ordeal, I’m only 29 away from my Ecclesiastical Cuirass. Although by the time I get that piece, I’m sure better pieces will be out.

I logged in quickly tonight to get some daily quests done (I’m finally exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive, which is wonderful news if you’re a jewelcrafter like me) and one of my guildies was whining because I wouldn’t go heal Mechanar.

Akromah: I spent NINE hours looking at TEN bars yesterday. Healer needs a break.

If there was a /snarl emote, I’d have certainly hit it.

Anyway, enough sitting in front of the PC tonight. Going to read a bit and hit the hay.

Safe travels!

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