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No laughing matter – upgrade your Flash!

June 23, 2008

Yesterday morning, my guy was on his computer playing WoW. I was next to him on my computer, reading various news websites. He was in Shattrath City looking over his quest log when he was suddenly booted out of the game. This happens – it’s usually has to do with a drop in Internet connection. He logged back in, but received a message that his password was incorrect.

His WoW account was hacked.

Scary stuff: In the time it took him to go to Blizzard’s website and recovered the password, the person who had his account mailed all of the gold he had on him to another person, went to our guild’s bank, took out 200 more gold and started taking out all of the good stuff that we had stored. When my guy logged in, his character was standing at a mailbox, no doubt poised to start sending our guild’s goodies to another player.I put 200 of my gold into the guild bank to offset that loss, and he opened a ticket with Blizzard w/r/t a hacked account. At best, they’ll be able to find out who received the first dispatch of gold and be able to track who/what did the hacking. He’s lucky he was online when it happened so that he could quickly take action.

Scarier stuff: his password was obscure and only he knew what it was. So we think he fell victim to the Flash exploit that lets keylogging programs track passwords.

Even if you don’t play WoW, take the few seconds to upgrade your Flash player to version and run a virus and malware scan on your PC.

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