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Hacked. :(

June 27, 2008

Wednesday morning:

“Oh no, not again.”

I looked over at my guy on his computer. He was trying to log into WoW and got the dreaded “your password is incorrect” message. He checked his email. His password was changed again. He recovered his password but the account was locked down due to the account being compromised twice so quickly. He was instructed that to take the account back, he had to fill out a form and fax it, along with a copy of his driver’s license, to Blizzard.

Nothing sinister turned up after the attempting hacking on Sunday, so we thought we were home free. We were wrong.

I quickly logged in. I did a quick check, and dicovered that his level 70 warlock no longer existed, nor did his level 30ish mage. Our guild bank was mostly stripped clean, all courtesy of my guy’s level 70 rogue, which had then left our guild.


The warlock had just hit level 70 a few weeks back, and on Tuesday my guy had just spent a bunch of marks and honor getting the new-to-vendors Season 2 PVP gear for both he and the level 70 rogue.

And it was all gone.


Nobody on our guild was online yet, so I changed the guild note to reflect the state of the guild bank and his characters. He put a post on our guild forum.

With a heavy heart, I came to work, copied his license and faxed his information to Blizzard from here. (Sorry, boss.)

Wednesday afternoon:

He scanned the computer again. Again, no keyloggers or virus of any type showed up. So he bit the bullet and reformatted it.

Our guild was very sympathetic…I’m glad. They locked down the guild bank for the near future. This idiot stole from all of us an even though it’s all just pixels, it’s a violation. My guy (he’s a teacher, so he’s off for a little bit ’til the part time job starts up) played my paladin and healed Black Morass. He also took her to the BGs and got enough marks for a new PvP healy helmet. So…yay me?

Wednesday night:

He receives an email from Blizzard saying that the fax of the driver’s license was too dark. He has to resend.

Thursday morning:

I recopy his license and re-fax the documents from here. (Sorry, boss)

Thursday afternoon:

His account is restored. He logs in and finds that the hacker also deleted his low-level hunter and a low-level alliance gnome he rolled for fun. The 70 rogue existed, but had many things taken, including all of his badges/PVP marks, his PVE pants, his fishing pole, and the Dark Whelpling pet I bought him. He opens a ticket with Blizzard, requesting the restoration of his deleted characters, the restoration of the deleted/sold items, and the restoration of what he took from the guild bank.

A GM responds that an “investigation” is underway, and it’ll take a while for items and characters to be restored. He is, however, free to play while the investigation continues.


And that’s where we remain. I’ve heard it can take up to 2 weeks for characters/items to be restored. I’ve heard good stories and bad ones.

So now we’re extra-careful. We’ve installed the “noscript” addon for Firefox. We no longer type our passwords, but copy them from a text file and paste them into the WoW launcher.

And you can bet that when the Blizzard Authenticator is released, we’ll be among the first in line.


Tomorrow, though, we’ll not be waiting idly for pixels to be restored. We’re going to the Celtic Fling at the PA Ren Faire. See, Mom? I *don’t* play WoW constantly.

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