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Cruel summer (with eye candy, if you're into elves)

July 2, 2008

While my guy waited patiently for the restoration of his account, I ended up meandering about and enjoying the in-game holiday. World of Warcraft has a bunch of in-game holidays that mirror real life ones. So to celebrate the Summer Solstice, we get the Midsummer Fire Festival.

And what a boon it is to lower level characters! If you dance at the ribbon pole, you get a 10% experience boost to killing monsters. Meaning, it was time to trot out my alt of the moment, my shadow priest, Malerenne. (Don’t ask me about my warrior. I got tired of her.) I managed to go from level 33 to 38 in only a few play sessions. Plus, you can also earn Burning Blossoms for honoring your own faction’s bonfires and extinguishing the opposing faction’s fires. I had a lot of fun taking Akromah to the lower level Alliance towns and putting out their fires. Doing that flags you as PVP for 5 minutes, and that extra risk got my pulse racing just a bit quicker.

You can turn in the Blossoms for special merchandise. I collected over 100, so Akromah purchased a summer dress. Sarah Jessica Parker’s got nothing on Akromah.

Summer in the City

Summer in the City

I also got to see the holiday “boss” that was added to Slave Pens – Ahune. We had a distasterous go at him. We summoned him five times yesterday and only cleared him once. I’ll leave it at that.


So here’s the happy ending you were waiting for. (No, not that kind of happy ending, perverts.)

Today marked one week since my guy’s account was hacked and he lost characters and gear. The guild was getting antsy for the return of the bank items that were stolen, and tensions have been running slightly higher than usual. I got an email at work (I KNOW you’ve checked personal email at work too, let’s not judge!) from my guy that simply said, “Characters back! With some gear!” Nearly everything was returned to him, including his characters and armor and most of our guild bank items. The items that weren’t returned were the void crystals and shards from our bank, and the heroic badges from his rogue. (Oddly enough, his warlock still had his badges.) The GM said that the rest of the stuff could take another week to return, but there’s no guarantee they’ll be restored. Which is fine. We’re ordering our Blizzard authenticator tonight.


I’m off from work until Tuesday, so I’m sure I’ll find the time to help him get some of those badges back. In between the real world plans, of course, like hearing the Philly Pops tomorrow night and going to a blueberry festival on Saturday. Have a happy Fourth of July weekend. Safe travels!

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