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So the thing about July…

August 4, 2008

It happens to me every summer – I end up letting my WoW go in favor of the beach, the park, etc. Not a bad thing, and I’m not alone – my guild’s activity drops too. Once August rolls around I start to get my groove back.

This past weekend, we did a bunch of pre-made PVP battlegrounds (fun!) and did our first mostly-guild Gruul’s lair raid. Gruul’s is a 25 person instance. Getting 25 people online at the same time and doing the same thing is a daunting challenge. Because our guild’s been growing, we managed to get 19 of our own people on, 3 people from a guild we’re close to, and we only had to “pick up” the other three. (and out of those three, one joined our guild!) It took about 90 minutes total, but we only wiped twice. Once on the High King and once on Gruul. I really enjoyed myself, as it was a rather quick instance.

Other than Gruul’s and the PvP night, I’ve been letting Akromah rest and playing my priest, Malerenne. She’s now level 53. I’m using Jame’s Horde Levelling Guide to help out. I’m actually enjoying this run to 70 because the guide is directing me to quests and zones that I’ve never spent much time in before. So that’s all good. In any case, I’m back to WoW and back to blogging about it.

By the way, if you’re in Shattrath City at the top of the hour, you can see (and hear!) the Level 80 Elite Tauren Cheftains perform at the World’s End Inn. Here’s Akromah, rocking out.




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