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Oh hai! I can haz zhevra mount?

August 7, 2008

The WoW login screen on Tuesday piqued my interest:

Recruit-a-Friend and get a Zhevra Mount! (Zhevra = zebra with a horn on its head)

Now THAT is cool. Sign me up! How do I get one?

First, I have to send my friend a referral to try WoW for 10 days free. Said friend needs to activate the 10-day guest pass using the key sent to them by my referral. (If they just sign up for 10 days on their own without using the code I sent, no stripey horsey for me.)

Next, that friend has to love WoW SOO much that they buy a copy of the game – about $20 for the basic game but $30 additional for the first expansion pack and the ability to roll a bangin-hot Blood Elf or a creepy Draenei.

Finally, my friend, who’s already out $20-$50 needs to love WoW SOOOO much that they pay for two months of it. ($14.99 a month if you don’t sign up for a multi-month contract…so that would be about $30.00)

Then I get my zhevra mount. Which reminds me of a unicorn and since I was at one point a 12-year-old girl, reeks of awesomeness.

What does my friend get? Triple in-game experience IF I’m grouped with them and we do quests/kills together. That means I’d have to roll up yet another alt to play with my now financially-challenged friend. I can also summon my friend to my side. It’d be great fun (for me) to summon my level 15 friend into the middle of Shadowmoon Valley and log out.

The problem is, the people I know who would enjoy World of Warcraft are already in it, or have quit it. My other friends wouldn’t enjoy it.

So, C-P readers! Interested in playing World of Warcraft and dropping $50-$80 so that your favorite C-P blogger (No, not Mike Radano! Me!!) can get a zhevra mount?

(sound effect: crickets chirping)

Yeaaah…I thought not.

In case you’re wondering why Blizzard is sending us door-to-door to recruit, Warhammer Online (a new MMORPG) opens up on 9/18. Think Blizz is trying to replace the inevitable loss of players who’ll quit WoW to play WO?

Yeaaah…I do too.

Safe travels!

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