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WoW has caught Olympic fever

August 10, 2008

A great thing about playing a game such as World of Warcraft is how it keeps itself current. On Friday, the opening day of the Beijing Olympic games, WoW dropped a few items into the game. If you hop into a PvP (that’s player versus player) battleground and finish it, you get a special “Competitor’s Tabard” which features a familiar design. (We’re still trying to figure out why the WoW version only has four rings – I suspect copyright lawyers have a lot to do with it.)

If your team wins a battleground, then you have a chance of receiving a “Gold Medallion” which summons the “Spirit of Competition” which looks quite like a Chinese dragon!

Going for the Gold!

Going for the Gold!

These prizes are delivered to you via the ingame mail system. And yes, Akromah’s holding a fishing pole in the picture on the right. I’m currently working on her fishing skill.

And speaking of the Olympics, I just watched the American guys eke out a victory against France in the 4×100 relay. Way to go! Now I have to calm myself down enough to go to bed. 🙂

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