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Retadin remorse

August 12, 2008

Because Akromah is a “Holy” paladin and meant to be a very sturdy and longlasting healer, she’s not built to deal much damage. I often joke with my guild that her hammer, though impressive to look at, is really made of foam and squeaks when she hits something with it. It takes her a LONG time to kill mobs.

At a non-guild Kara run this past weekend (seven freaking hours long!), Akro managed to get her paws on Despair from the Opera event. Nobody else wanted it – go figure! She had a few pieces of plate damage-dealing armor in her bank so last night I thought I’d have a little fun and respec Akromah into a retribution paladin (retadin for short). Respecing (short for respecializing) involves paying some gold to unlearn all of your talents. With your newly blank slate, you can reallocate your character’s talent points anyway you want. Fifteen gold later (plus a few gold to train new skills) Akromah was a retadin, ready to kick butt on her daily quests.

And I hated it! She died twice and it seemed that it still took a long time to kill stuff. I was completely miserable. Granted, her two-handed sword skiill was only 330/350 and her armor was still half-healing, but I felt as vulnerable as a wet baby rabbit. So once she finished her dailies, I sent her back to the trainer to re-respec (20 gold this time) and she was back to her old self. I’ll probably continue to have her use Despair on her dailies to max out her sword skill – plus, it has to be quicker than her Hammer of Squeakiness.


My guild set a Kara speed record on Sunday – they cleared it in 3 hours and 21 minutes! It’s a far cry from when we started Kara back in February and it took us two days to NOT finish! By the way, I did NOT go on that 3 hour 21 minute run. I think I’m doomed to never ever finish Kara in less than six hours.

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