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World of Warcraft: The politics of distraction

August 27, 2008

This is what happens when a certain paladin gets distracted by the Democratic National Convention.

omg...i r ded

omg...i r ded

Yes, that’s Akromah, in ghost form. Because she’s dead. Dead, why? Dead because I kept turning away from my monitor during my daily trip to Quel’Danas to watch the DNC.

I’m an election dork. I simultaneously love and hate every candidate by Election Day and I lap up the completely staged conventions and debates like a kitten laps up milk. I’m not a (D) and I’m not an (R) so I can enjoy/heckle both parties simultaneously.

But not only did I die, I went so long without even paying attention to the game that I was automatically logged out. And when that happens, you’re greeted on your next login by the spectre of death.


Here’s a fun read from a Gannett paper in Guam: Beware wife aggro! Marriage, ‘World of Warcraft’ don’t always mix. Be sure to read the sidebar – it’s a riot.


I got a great question in the comments of my last post asking about how I come up with the names for my characters. Cool question…I’ll answer that in my next post though. Joe Biden is on. Pass the popcorn!

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