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World of Warcraft: What's in a name?

September 3, 2008

The hardest part of character creation for me is naming my creations. While some people in WoW are content naming their toons “Iwillhealu” or “Stabby” I prefer unique names with a bit more meaning. So I usually research baby naming sites before making a final decision. Since WoW has so many players, my first choices usually require some changes to spelling. In writing this up, I found that all of my female character names end in the feminine “ah” sound except for Malerenne, who has her own feminine suffix.

Leota – She was my first WoW character ever, an Undead mage and survivor of two server jumps. Why Leota? I’m a Disney fan and if you’ve ever gone through the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World or Disneyland you’ll have met Leota – she’s the head inside the crystal ball in the seance room.

Akromah – When I made the decision to roll a Blood Elf Paladin, I knew that even though she’d be Holy and use the power of “The Light” to attack and defend, she wouldn’t be as glorious and noble as her Alliance Counterparts. So I searched for names that represented holiness and wrath. I came across Akroma, the “Angel of Wrath” in the Magic:The Gathering card game. As I knew she’d have a skill called “Hammer of Wrath” and another skill called “Avenging Wrath” that gives her Angel Wings, I knew that name would be a good fit. I added the “h” to the end because, naturally, my good idea was already taken.

Malerenne – Mal’s my undead shadow priest. Her name was easy. I knew she’d be shadow spec most of the way through, so I wanted to pick an evil name. The “erenne” softens it up slightly and makes it feminine.

Sandriara – My retired alliance rogue, aka Sandy. I initially liked the name Cassandra (entangler of men…you could loosely apply it to a rogue who stuns and saps her victims). Naturally it was taken. So I just mussed around and ended up with Sandriara. I have a lowbie Blood Elf Rogue on my current server named Sandriara as well – I liked the name too much to let it go.

Honorra – A pretty obvious choice for my retired Dwarven holy priest.

Dolora – “Dolor” means pain, perfect for my Blood Elf warlock. Who will most likely be deleted soon because I never play her.

Zarashuna – Would you believe that this was a randomly-generated name? Since it fits in with the rest of my names and sounds vaguely trollish, I kept it for my Troll Hunter. She’s level 6.

I’ve had a few jokey names too, like Esmoorelda (Tauren shaman), Akromoo (Tauren druid) and Orcbama (Orc hunter, created and deleted early in the presidential election cycle). And I’ve created a few that played off of my real name (Kymba, Tauren warrior, and Cymberlei, Night Elf Druid – I still cringe at that one). But those characters were short-lived. Most likely because since I gave them gimmicky names, I didn’t take them seriously.

How do you choose your characters’ names?


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