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World of Warcraft: Beta invite!

September 11, 2008

Sunglasses over my dozy eyes, mug of coffee gripped tightly in my hand, I enter the Courier-Post, plop down at my desk and log into the network. After my usual morning tasks (work email, word-of-the-day calendar – today it’s simpatico, ad serving system, classifieds page) I check my personal Gmail account. I have a couple news alerts set up about the newspaper biz that I like to read before I start with the meat and potatoes of my day.

And LOOK! Look what was in my mailbox!!

blog post photo

That, dear friends, is a beta invite. This means that I get to play the upcoming expansion pack for free before the rest of the WoW genpop.

First impulse: call out sick. But I’m already here and the coffee’s kicked in so I look healthy and awake. Plus, people here actually read this blog. And writing about faking sick on a blog that hits the front page of the Courier-Post website isn’t very smart. So, bad idea. Second impulse: Go home for lunch, log in and start downloading so I can play later on. I was going to wash a load of towels later, but screw that. I’ll dry myself with the hair dryer tomorrow morning.

I’m very excited. Malerenne’s withering in Hellfire Peninsula and Akromah’s going to drown herself if she has to do another daily quest. What a great change of pace this’ll be! And apparently only this gamer in our two-gamer household got the invite, so I’ll try to pretend to feel guilty. If I’m able to blog about it — some betas have strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) — I’ll post some screenshots tomorrow!

Edited at 1:00pm to add: Text message from the other gamer in my 2-gamer household – “Guess who’s in beta as well?” I wonder if everyone got in?

*** Remembering…

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