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World Of Warcraft: Death Knights, Pigtails and Penguins

September 12, 2008

(warning: picture heavy)

Last I left you, I decided not to call out sick and just start downloading the Wrath of the Lich King software at lunch and play when I got home. I started the download at 2pm, and the Blizz downloader told me it’d take three hours. Fair enough. I also had to set up a temporary account and fill out a form to have a copy of Akromah transferred to the beta servers. Estimated time to get her copied? FOUR DAYS. Sheesh.

When I got home after work yesterday, the downloader was still estimating TWO HOURS. Sheesh.

By the time the download had finished and all the patches applied, it was 10:00pm. Sheesh.

Since I couldn’t play Akromah, I rolled a Death Knight. That’s the new hero class. You automatically start as a decently-geared level 55. I made her Undead (what’s new?) and had the random name generator do the dirty work. Meet my Death Knight!

blog post photo

I like that name. Anyway, the first “person” I see after I zone into the game?

blog post photo

Look Ma! It’s the Lich King! Of “Wrath of the Lich King” fame! A new Death Knight starts as one of his minions, doing evil things like killing villagers, stealing horses and unleashing ghouls. Fun! Unfortunately, it was 11:00 and fortunately, I have a job. So to bed I went.

Fast forward to this morning, when STUPID me logs into the World of Warcraft website and sees that Akro was copied! Crud. Call out sick? (sigh) No. I logged fake Akromah (faux-kromah?) in really quickly. And stupidly. I left her on the Isle of Quel’Danas in the middle of Dawnstar Village. Which was empty. Because everyone was on the new content. And wow, Blizz reset all of her talent points so I can rebuild her. Which means she had precious few skills. And look! there’s a dozen Dawnstar blood elves about to kill her. IShe ran. Not fast enough.

Once she rezzed (sheesh) she hearthed to Shattrath City, then portalled to Undercity. I was sending her to grab the zeppelin to head to Northrend when I saw the barber shop! The barber shop is a new addition. Tired of how your toon looks? For a sack of gold, you can change its hair style, hair color and other racial features (tusks/horns for trolls/tauren, face markings on night elves, etc).

blog post photo

I know she’s an animation, but doesn’t Akromah look positively indignant at the potential gnome pigtails? I decided to save the 12 gold for a rainy day and leave her as is for now. Finally, with time ticking and the coffee brewing, I saw that I had mail. In my mailbox was a thank you gift for creating a beta account. A new pet!

blog post photo

Isn’t Chilly cute? I don’t think he’ll be copied back to my regular character, but I sure hope so!

I’ll play the beta off and on this weekend, taking screenshots as I go. IRL, tomorrow we’re off to the Shamrock Festival in Gloucester City.

Enjoy your weekend and safe travels!

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