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World of Warcraft: Greetings from Northrend! Wish you were here!

September 16, 2008

On Saturday night, after a lovely dinner at Mirabella Cafe (lingine and clams in white sauce, yum!) I logged into the beta in an effort to take the recently-copied Akromah to Northrend. They built a new zeppelin tower outside of Undercity, so I climbed aboard and we took off.

Unfortunately, the server that hosts the Northrend “world” was down, so our zep disappeared over Eastern Plaguelands, dumping us all unceremoniously onto the ground.

Bah. I rode up to Light’s Hope and took a bat back to Undercity, where I hit the barber shop. Look! Akro’s bangs have grown out! If only it was that easy for human hair to grow out…

blog post photo

And played with my spellbars a bit:

blog post photo

(Warning: Paladin chat ahead!) Spots 5, 6 and 7 are the new paladin judgment spells. There used to be only one spell that would judge a seal. It’d cancel out the seal that was on the mob. Now there are three (#5 is Judgement of Light – chance to proc a heal when you hit the mob; #6 is Judgement of Wisdom – chance to proc a mana regen when you hit the mob; #7 is Judgment of Justice – slows movement speed & prevents fleeing) that you can hit the mob with. So if I drop a Seal of Wisdom and a Judgement of Light, I’m gaining mana AND health each time I hit.

Last night, as I watched the rerun of The Closer that airs before the first-run version (Don’t die, Sanchez! Thank yew!) I logged in again, hopeful.

I hopped the zeppelin again and was THRILLED to finally see the load-in screen for Northrend! Featuring our old buddy…

blog post photo

The landing point for the zeppelin is Vengeance Landing — sounds delightful! Here’s the map for Northrend.

blog post photo

I’m not going to sugar-coat this – it was REALLY REALLY laggy. I’d run forward 10 steps and rubber-band back 5 steps. But I found new ore to mine…

blog post photo

And new beasties to slay! This handsome gentleman can be found in Howling Fjord. And yes, ladies, he has lots of equally handsome friends!

blog post photo

The combat went rather well with the new spells. I was pleased.

But when, despite drinking twice, my mana didn’t regenerate AT ALL I knew it was time to log out for the night. I’ll try again tonight. During the season premiere of House. (I love the Fall TV season!)

Safe travels!

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