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World of Warcraft: Bejeweled! (and screenshots)

September 22, 2008

Not much to report from this weekend, as I took a weekend off of the game to clean my apartment and get it ready for autumn. (Dusting, washing windows, finding the boxes with fall/winter clothes, etc).

However, I’ve been posting older screenshots of WoW and the other games I’ve played to this gallery: (or you can reach it by clicking the gray “Photos” tab in the middle of this page, then the “World of Warcraft and other Game Screenshots” link.)

File this under “Things WoW is doing to ensure I never leave my desk again” category: According to Wired magazine, PopCap games will be allowing WoW players to play their gigantic hit game Bejeweled within the WoW interface. This is supposed to hit the game this Thursday. So now if you’re waiting for your group to find a tank for your run, you’ll be able to do something other than fish.

Now if they could only port Facebook’s Scramble into the game…

Gotta get ready for work – safe travels!

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