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Prepping for WoTLK

November 10, 2008

I ended up running Kara and Zul’Aman with the guild this weekend as people rushed to get their titles and achievements in line. Kara was a success, except for the bug where we were locked in the Shade of Aran’s room even after we took him down. So two of us had to hearth out (to Shattrath)! travel back through Stonard and summon everyone out. I was nominated to go because of the faboo Crusader’s Aura. The door never unlocked, which prevented us from being ported up to the Guardian’s Library. Boo!

ZA was a wash…we wiped twice on Hex Lord Malacrass before calling the raid. I was fine with that, as it was after midnight here and the group we had assembled was starting to tire and mess up. On the second go our shaman cast a chain lightning that broke the hibernate and the trap on both adds, which wiped the raid.

These two raids really hit home to me how unhappy I am with the paladin changes in 3.0.2 and beyond. Sure, retribution paladins saw so much love it had to be dialed back, but as a holy pally, I feel like a worthless sack of potatoes in plate. I miss the old Blessing of Sacrifice trick on Maiden that would keep me from being sleeped with the rest of the crowd. With the new cooldown of 2 minutes, I can only pop that once. I miss the old Blessing of Light buff. Our tank actually asked for that buff in ZA, and I had to tell him it was gone. Nobody seems to miss the old Blessing of Salvation, but I found it invaluable to keep crazy aggro-stealers in line a bit.

As a result, last night I re-re-specced. I went all the way down in the Holy tree to Beacon of Light and switched my extra points out of Ret back into Prot. Here’s my new build. (Note to self: stop logging out in the formal gown, as it makes my armory profile look week!) I’m curious to see how Beacon of Light works, and hoping that it’s good enough that I can get rid of my Flash of Light Glyph. I like the the tiny HoT to that glyph, but hate the initial penalty.

I played Malerenne a bit last night too. Remember her? My long-lost-level 61 shadow priest? The one I left languishing in Hellfire Peninsula? Yeah. She got a bit of love last night and dinged 62.

Time to finish getting ready for work. WoTLK this week! So excited!

Safe travels!

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  1. November 11, 2008 6:56 am

    Hey congrats on Kara!

    I still haven’t gotten my Holy priest in there yet. Although I think I could though she is undergeared. Actually I would love to go to see what it is like but…Holiterra has respecced and has been working on leveling tailoring. I did that Sunday she is now at 343 so I should max out today. I try to work it in between doing other things in Azeroth.

    Hopefully I’ll get into some heroics if not today definitely tomorrow. 🙂

    I heard about the changes in the Paladin tree I haven’t played one yet… but it is on the list of classes to try. I also want to check out the Warrior class.

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