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Tomorrow, WotLK remix

November 12, 2008

The Lich King comes out
Time to spend my dollars
’cause tomorrow,
the wait is done!

I’ll be at GameStop
picking up my copy
with some sorrow
because I have to come straight back to work and toil until 5:30pm oh why did I take a day off for the Phillies parade because I know by the time I get home the servers will be clogged and I won’t see anything ’til at least Friday and all my unemployed guildmates will be 80 by then?

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes…ahem

I’ve been toiling away
each day
with dailies!
Whining for something new!
They’d say!!


The Lich King comes out
So we gotta hang on
‘Til tomorrow
Then we’ll play!!!!!

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
New Gaming! Tomorrow!
We’re only
A day
A way!

(apologies to Martin Charnin. And everyone who read this.)

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