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November 13, 2008

(installer at 65%)

UPS came through! My guy’s Wrath Collector’s Edition arrived about an hour ago. So after making my way home through the traffic and the rain-slick streets, one of the first things I heard when I got home is…

“Mine’s bigger.”

Why yes, yes it is.

His is on the left.

His is on the left.

Cripes. Here’s what he got:

The Collector's Edition

The Collector's Edition

A mousepad, two stacks of the WoW Competitive Card game cards, a behind the scenes “Making of WotLK” DVD, the WotLK soundtrack, gorgeous hardcover “Art of WotLK” book, the manual, a product catalog, one guest pass and the install DVD. He also gets a frostwyrm pet once we get in game.

(installer at 90%)

Here’s mine:

The Broke-Ass Version

The Broke-Ass Version

The manual, aproduct catalog, 2 guest passes and the install DVD. I put my box in the background to fill out the picture some more.

(installer at 92%)

But he did wait until I got home before he started installing. 🙂

(installer at 96%)

Heading to the kitchen to stock up on food and snacks.

See you in Northrend…Safe Travels!!

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