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WotLK release day!

November 13, 2008

Today is the day – WotLK release day! Or as the lovely editors at MSN call it, a day of “Nerd Joy.”

Thanks, MSN. No, really.

Thanks, MSN. No, really.

My copy’s sitting at GameStop in Cherry Hill Mall. I’m going to pick it up at lunchtime.

My guy’s collector’s copy (la-dee-dah) is sitting in the Lawnside UPS center. Hopefully he’ll get home before the UPS guy comes and goes.

I logged in quickly at 7:15 or so to see what was going on. We had five guildies playing the new content already! (sniff! sob!) One of them Death Knight Armor for Akro to try on:

Death Knight Armor

Death Knight Armor

And before I logged, someone on our server received the Realm First! Grand Master Miner achievement. Someone else had already received the Realm First! Grand Master Angler achievement. Did I mention this was 7:15ish in the morning?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to lunch so I can fondle the box during my Benefits Open Enrollment Meeting at 2pm.

I’m kidding. Maybe not. Nerd joy indeed.

I’ll update after lunch!

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