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Once again, a noob

November 14, 2008

The installer loaded without incident last night and after two patches were applied (during which I’m quite certain I saw a “We hate Paladins” message pop on my screen once or twice for a fraction of a second) I was raring to go.

I was 340 in the queue for Hyjal. No biggie. I have dogs who enjoy my company.

Thirty minutes later, we were in! We ported to UC from Shatt and took the zeppelin to Vengeance Landing. Note to self, the new zepp tower stairs curve the opposite way from the old tower’s stairs. I will never learn that and implore Blizzard to hotfix that.

My UI was gigantic for some reason (I ditched Bartender a few days ago and went back to what I knew better) so I reset my resolution to 1200×1024 and went on my merry way.

I forgot how cool it was to actually earn XPS on Akromah! I thought her sole purpose in life had devolved into gathering mana cells for the darn portal to Quel’Danas. I think the Draenei better figure out a way to self-power that, because I don’t think they’re getting any mana cells today.

We (my guy’s warlock and I) set our hearthstones in VL, trained up our trade skills and went on our way. The starting quests were much easier than I remember from beta, mostly because there were far few people. For the Let Them Eat Crow quest, for example, the crows were flying lower to the ground. Akro had a hard time trying to pull them in beta since Holy Shock is her only ranged spell.

My guy briefly switched to his level 70 rogue (oh, to have two 70s – sorry, Malerenne!) so I puttered around a bit, mining cobalt, prospecting jewels and tumbling to my death off near Vengeance Lift. Yes, I ran off of the cliff. And didn’t bubble because I forgot where I put the damn button. And I died and had to really work to find my body on the jagged cliffs.

This is what I need to remember: This is a new land. I am stupid and new again. And there are things that can kill me.

Turns out my video card wasn’t happy with the new resolution and decided to stop working. When I got back into the game after a hard reboot, I turned the resolution back to 1024, turned off that crazy super-glow effect and scaled my UI down to 50%.

I have no plans this weekend other than resuscitate my NaNoWriMo novel and explore Northrend.

So whether you’re in the Old World, Newer World, Newest (but still very old?) World or the dreaded Real World, I bid you Safe Travels!

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