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WotLK weekend 1 – wow!

November 17, 2008

I haven’t had a weekend like this in a long time. The majority of Saturday and Sunday was spent in front of our PCs exploring Northrend. My guy cooked a casserole on Saturday that we reheated for lunch and dinner on Sunday – great gaming sustenance! And with the exception of our usual Sunday morning breakfast out and exercising the dogs, in front of the PCs we stayed. I’m a little burned out on computers today (bad news, since that’s my job) but I know from past experience that after this weekend, I’ll game with moderation.

Good news! I have screenshots! Bad news! They’re on my home PC! [FAIL!]

Here are a few thoughts before I have to buckle down on the real reason I work at the Courier-Post.

The Goods:

Scenery: Northrend is breathtakingly gorgeous! It’s nice to be back in our real world and away from aliens, demons and that crazy-crooked landscape of Outlands.

Armor upgrades: I remember that within 20 minutes of Burning Crusade, all of my character’s great armor was replaced by greens. This time, while the greens are coming close to my Kara/T4/Zul’aman armor mixture, I’ve only replaced rings.

Levelling: Before WoTLK, I spent 19 game days levelling to 70, and 20 game days at 70. So it was a thrill to level again. Ding, 71! But apparently I’m a slacker, since we were seeing REALM FIRST: Level 80 (blah) achievements all over the place Saturday and Sunday. In my guild, as of my bedtime last night, we had a level 77 shaman and a level 71 Death Knight. Mind you, the Death Knights start at 55, so that guy worked like a dog all weekend. Then again, he took 2 weeks off from work because of this expansion.

Grouping: Our Affliction Warlock/Holy Paladin duo rocks.

Dungeons: We ran Utgarde Keep twice and Nexus once. They were very doable with what’s quickly becoming my regular 5-person group: Protection warrior, Combat rogue, Marksmanship hunter (and his kitty!), my guy the Affliction Lock and me, the Holy Paladin. None of us had looked up hints for the new dungeons, so I truly felt the explorer vibe. It was very fun figuring out what kind of damage mobs were dealing out and trying to mitigate it. Everyone was oohing and aahing over Nexus, but I liked Utgarde better.

The Bads:

Server queue: It took me close to an hours to log into the game on Friday night. Saturday night I was told the queue was three hours long! Because of that, people were reluctant to log off for dinner, etc.

Server lag: Last night on our server, Borean Tundra and The Dragonblight zones were practically unplayable.

Gory stories: Blizzard’s laying it on thick with the blood, gore, and terror in the quest lines with this expansion pack. For example, not only did we have to kill 20 Vyrkul for a quest, we had to use a machete to dismember the bodies. Not only did we have to kill 10 or so Deranged Dwarves, but we had to hack into their skulls and remove their brains. The Death Knight starter quests are even darker.

Guild drama: I hate guild banks. We argue more about the freaking bank than anything else. This is only related to WoTLK because EVERYONE was on to weigh in on someone’s innocent action.

More later on, including an updated header since pumpkins were SO last month!

Safe travels!

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  1. November 18, 2008 11:11 am

    I agree, mad violence in this xpac. The short and simple answer is we’re at war and, in the name of science, research and ultimately success, we must have brains. The messenger quest, i think, is blizzards way of explaining the why. When I get excited about the lore and try to share with my husband …who stares at me blankly until I’m done …. he simply gives me a “wow, cool!” and then asks if he can use the machine for his fantasy football. /sigh. ❤

  2. Craig permalink
    January 1, 2009 2:52 pm

    Lol, love that post about your husband. Wish I could get my wife to play. I do play with my 12 year-old son though. Lots of fun.

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