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A trip to the Nexus

November 19, 2008

I don’t usually go on dungeon runs on weeknights, but when one of our guildies was desperately seeking a healer for Nexus last night, I couldn’t resist.

So I found myself skipping the Dancing with the Stars results show (sorry, DwtS, I’m just not that into you this year) and grouping with a Feral Combat druid (our tank), a frost mage, two affliction locks (one being my guy) and me, your friendly neighborhood Holy Paladin.

There were more deaths than I’d like on a 5-man – I attribute it to the four of us non-tanks not watching our aggro enough. We wiped twice – once because of a pat we were ambushed by, and the other time was because we thought we could bring down Grand Magus Telestra without taking out the mob at the end of the hall, past her “circle.” Turns out, Telestra goes for help!

She dropped the Insulating Bindings which is a slight upgrade over my current Bracers of Justice. I was pleasantly surprised, since I haven’t seen a lot of +spellpower plate so far. Once I get a healing enchantment on them, I’ll wear’em with pride.

My guy got the Attuned Crystalline Boots from Keristrasza. Our mage won the Tome of the Lore Keepers off of Anomalus. The Drakonid Arm Blade dropped from Ormorok the Tree-Shaper, but we disenchanted it.

All in all, it was a fun run. By the way, my new header above is a shot from Nexus. You can see Keristrasza – who is voiced like a female adult film star (“Finish it! FINISH IT!”) – in the shot. She’s in stasis when you enter the instance.

Safe travels!

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  1. November 20, 2008 1:49 pm

    I haven’t been doing too many instances on weeknights either however last night my mage buddy who rolled a Death Knight asked me to heal an instance as soon as I logged on last evening. I was going to say No but well..this guy is really nice and goes out of his way to help others. I think we get along so well because I’m the same way. (He’s the one that invited me into my fabulous new guild.) I knew Utgard Keep would not take too long so I told him, Sure. I’m so glad I did, I got a small upgrade to my helm. Additionally two of the officeers were in teh group so they got to see me in action and complimented me on my healing. That felt great to hear, still so much to learn about healing. but I’m enjoying it immensely! Currently my mana is a little over 11K. My holy priest is level 73, atm.

    I’ll be posting about that and more when my site is back online. Bah, I’m still having problems with some pesky scripts!

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