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WoW Weekend Wrapup

November 24, 2008

(how’s that for alliteration?)

As I predicted, I played with a lot more moderation than last week. Which is good. I won’t get to 80 anytime soon, but I’m fine with that.

The biggest news was that yesterday was WoW’s 4th anniversary. Anyone who logged in their character yesterday received a sweet gift in the mail from the devs – a baby polar bear!

This is my baby Blizzard bear. There are many like it but this one is mine!

This is my baby Blizzard bear. There are many like it but this one is mine!

In an expansion pack filled with death, plague, torture and trapped baby animals, this is a welcome bright spot. Look at its nose. Gah. Kill me now.

We didn’t do any runs this weekend. Once we finished completing most of the Howling Fjord quests, we moved to Borean Tundra and started in on those.

I earned two “achievements” this weekend:

Achievement Earned: 15 Pizza Pockets Eaten!

Achievement Earned: 15 Pizza Pockets Eaten!

I put that in quotes because I think there are very few achievements in this game worth boasting over. To wit: this comic my guy showed me yesterday. D.E.H.T.A. is short for Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals. I enjoyed the DEHTA quests. I was nice to save animals for a change.

I fought my inner turmoil:

Elf vs. hersELF

Elf vs. hersELF

…and won. My real life inner turmoil is much more of a butt-kicker.

And finally…

Ding 73!

Ding 73!

Ding 73! In other leveling news, the 2nd character to reach 80 in my guild did so on Saturday. The Death Knight’ll most probably hit 80 last night after I logged.

I also tried to play Dolora, my Death Knight. I’m no not into that class. All I seem to do is mash buttons. The quests aren’t fun — I don’t get off on seeing citizens screaming and pleading for their lives before me. I do 2 quests and log off in boredom/disgust.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. November 24, 2008 11:48 am

    The bear is adoreable I really love mine.

    Like yourself I’m really not in a rush to reach 80. I’m really enjoying the quests, more so than any others. I really like how Blizzard attempted to immerse the players into the game by having them actively participate through the variety of quests. Sure you still have the quests where you have to kill x to collect certain drops but they’ve also added fascinating quests like the one you have shown above. There are more like that.

    If I kept going at the speed I had been leveling I would have been 80 by now but I’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the content once I’m 80. It will be a little while before another expansion is released so I’m savoring this time.

    My Holy priest is level 75 (close to 76) I most likely will ding 76 when I log on later today. I won’t be playing WOW anymore after today, well until next week. I’ll be on vacation for the rest of the week.


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