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November 27, 2008
Feasting - Horde Style!

Feasting - Horde Style!

No WoW for me today, as I’ll be breaking bread with my family and gearing up for a Black Friday full of shopping.

I am thankful for my guy, my family, my dogs and cats, my health, my job, my friends (both RL and online) and also for all of you who are reading my little blog and passing along the word. I’m not the most uber player and I’m not a hard core raider but I do love this game and am thankful for the opportunity to blog about it.

Thank you!

PS: Hey, John! I’ll go through my spells and stuff for you early next week…but Pallies don’t have a good way to pull an enemy. We’re getting a real ranged spell in the next patch, but for now the best we can do is drop a Judgment or Holy Shock on someone. Also, leveling is pretty quick if you 1) always log out in an inn, you’ll get more “rested xp”, and 2) find a fun damage dealing class to group with. My guy’s a warlock and he tears through stuff.

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