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The magical world of Dalaran

November 28, 2008
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The quest to get to Dalaran was very anticlimactic. I went to Agmar’s Hammer, talked to the see-through guy, and was teleported. Then I got the flight path. Last night I had places to go and people to see (and that darn Dancing with the Stars finale, ugh) so I didn’t have a chance to really look around.

This is pretty picture-heavy, so I’ll see you after the jump. Jump!

Once I did, I was blown away from the sheer beauty. See, I’m part of the Horde. As a Blood Elf, Akromah spent her youth in Silvermoon City, which was opulent and over-the-top, as Blood Elves tend to be. But at the tender level of 20, she was tossed out into the rest of the Horde World. Which is depressing! Roughly-hewn mailboxes, tattered banners, oversized bats for mounts, you get the picture. Don’t forget the Undercity, which is really the sewers of Lordaeron. Shattrath would have been nice if it wasn’t for the stinky refugees in Lower City and the mean old Aldor who hated her for no reason!!

But Dalaran – Dalaran is gorgeous.

Mailboxes? We don’t need no steenkin’ mailboxes…we have mail portals!

There's an image of a bird holding mail in the portal.

There's an image of a bird holding mail in the portal.

Look at the bejeweled Jewelcrafter building!

What's the carat size of those rubies?

What's the carat size of those rubies?

Check out the names of the Jewelcrafting trainers…

My skill's not that high yet - do you have a trainer named Diamonique?

My skill's not that high yet - do you have a trainer named Diamonique?

Look at the entrance to the Alchemy trainer!

Now THAT'S a flask!

Now THAT'S a flask!

And finally, the sight that made me tear up…

For the Horde!!

For the Horde!!

It’s the Horde Standard! And it’s not ripped and torn! It’s…it’s…almost pretty!

The detail in Dalaran is amazing. There are NPC wizards idly chatting with each other on streetcorners. There’s the well that takes you down to the sewers. There’s the starry sky above. It…it..almost makes me want to go back to my abandoned Alliance characters so I can see pretty cities again.

I know…unthinkable!

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  1. November 28, 2008 12:27 pm

    Strength and Honor!!

    And happy Turkey Day

    And thanks for your blog!!

  2. Craig permalink
    January 1, 2009 2:37 pm

    I am really enjoying your blog! To actually find a person that can write and on one of my favorite topics is a treat. I started out on WOW about a year ago, and like most people made an Alliance character. Then after getting beat up by the Hordies so consistently on the BGs decided to switch sides. Finally I had to make the switch back to the Alliance side. Why you ask, because of being so sick of the ugly Horde cities! I do miss my undead toon though. Undead FTW! I just can’t stand the Horde landscape. Anyway, thanks for the blog. =)

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