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Conquering the World, one city at a time!

December 8, 2008

On Saturday morning, my guy and I were tooling around in Zul’Drak trying to get him his last 2 bars of xp to level 80. One of our guildmates asked in chat, “I’m in a raid to kill the Ally bosses – anyone want in?”

You betcha!

Another picture heavy post ahead, so let’s jump to it’s own page, okay?


Quick catchup for the non-WoW players: There are two factions in WoW – Alliance and Horde. Each faction is made up of five races, and there are four capital cities. Each capital city has a Boss – basically the leader of the city and its race. Horde and Alliance are enemies – once you pick a side, you can’t talk to the other side. So running into the opposing faction’s capital cities and killing the bosses is a pretty ballsy thing to do. You’ll be attacked heavily by that town’s guards. On my server, it also makes you vulnerable to be killed by the other side’s players.

Still with me? Good.

All 10 of my guildmates who were online joined the raid, and away we went. Our first target was the Human king of Stormwind – Varian Wrynn. The forty of us met up in Elwynn Forest (at Hogger, actually) and once we were buffed we rode onto Stormwind!

Riders of the Horde

Riders of the Horde

It was actually a very easy battle – not a lot of Alliance players were online yet to stop us. Wrynn went down quickly like the wimp he is. After all, he was absent for the first three years of this game!

We mounted up and rode the tram that connected Stormwind to Ironforge – the home of the dwarves and gnomes and the Dwarven King Magni Bronzebeard. Magni was tough! A bunch of us – including me! – died. It would be nearly impossible to run in and claim our bodies without being slain again by the guards, so my guy and I took the rez sickness penalty, hearthed back to Dalaran, repaired and met up with the group in Ashenvale for our trip to the island homelands of the Night Elves and Draenei.

We hopped the first boat that arrived and went to Exodar, the Draenei’s home town – er – crashed spaceship.



The characters with the red names above them are the ship’s crew, who didn’t attack us at all although they are hostile to us.

The Draenei leader is Prophet Velen. Like Wrynn, he went down quickly. Unlike the first two bosses though, he was SO easy to get to! Run inside, take a quick turn and BOOM…leader. I think they should put him a bit further out of the way.

Out the Exodar, back to the dock, and then to our final stop – Darnassus and its boss Tyrande Whisperwind – the Night Elf. When I played Alliance, Darnassus was my least favorite town to get around, so I happy helped trounce it. Tyrande had an Area of Effect spell and I thought my computer would die beneath the crushing weight of all of the sparklies, but we triumphed!

Tyrande's the one with the red name underneath the red arrow of doom. And the dinosaur.

Tyrande's the one with the red name underneath the red arrow of doom. And the dinosaur.

The funny thing is that during our four-town tour of destruction not one Alliance player (and by player I mean human being in his/her jammies playing this game on their computer, not a computer-operated guard) tried to stop us. I guess 40 level 75+ players storming your town will make you think twice about doing that.

I promise you that I’m not an achievement junkie, but it was pretty cool adding these to my collection:

For the Horde!!

For the Horde!!

And do you know what the prize if for defeating all 4 Alliance Bosses? A letter from Thrall (Orc Leader of the Horde) and a sweet new ride – a War Bear!

I think I'll call him Teddy.

I think I'll call him Teddy.

Nice, huh? It was an unexpected blast, and just another amazing thing to do in our World of Warcraft.

Safe Travels!

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  1. Jessica permalink
    December 8, 2008 3:34 pm

    Wow, Sounded like you had loads of fun. Hope I’ll be able to do something like that someday, maybe I need to switch over to horde. Hmmm……

  2. kamaru night elf hunter permalink
    March 23, 2009 10:29 am

    it does sound like u had alot of fun but im not switching to horde with the monsters and blood elf traitors but it really sounds like your a vet at this game i didnt know you get a war bear for doing that what server u play because i play on tortheldrin server and if ur on my server get ready because im killing all the horde bosses to see what can i get

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