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Nine Nifty Gifties for your favorite WoW fan!

December 11, 2008

The Holidays are coming! The Holidays are coming! And if you’re reading this you’re either:
1) a WoW player, or
2) someone who knows a gamer.

In either case you need gift ideas that aren’t your typical “brownie mix in a jar” or Hickory Farms beef stick.

However, if you want to give me brownie mix in a jar or meat in stick form, I won’t turn you down!

So without further ado, here are Nine Nifty Gifties for your Favorite WoW fan!

Buy me!

Buy me!

1. Custom Guild T-shirt

Make a t-shirt with your guild’s tabard and your favorite character’s information! Even if you don’t even buy the shirt, play with the Shirt Builder. It’s free and fun.

What’s stopping me from buying it for myself?
The gray ladies ringer is adorable but my guild changes its tabard too darn much!

2. Green is the new Purple tee-shirt

A wee bit of explanation – In the world of WoW gear, armor with a green name is an uncommon drop, blue is rare, purple is epic and orange is legendary. (I also think orange gear only exists on websites and 95% of the people linking orange gear in Trade chat are lying lying lying!)

When The Burning Crusade was released, the hard-won sets of blue and purple armor players sported as they entered the portal were quickly tossed aside because the junk greens were so much better. That wasn’t the case immediately with WotLK, thank goodness, but any WoW player will appreciate this tee’s sentiment.

What’s stopping me from buying it for myself?
I have more than enough black t-shirts.

3. Talking Murloc!

Hearing that familiar (and unspellable) “mrrglglgl” sound can send chills down even the most noble warrior’s spine. A murloc is at best a nuisance and at worst, a quick trip to the local graveyard. Yet, we’re drawn to them. Now you can have your very own talking murloc!

What’s stopping me from buying it for myself?
I’d roll over on it in my sleep and wet myself when it mrrglglgled.

4. Custom character figurine!

Some WoW players have a handful of high-level characters, each one geared to the max, each one perfectly trained. Then there are people like me, who have poured all of their energy into just ONE high level character. We hate our alts because in our eyes they will never achieve the glory of that one favorite toon. For people like us, a figureprint is the way to go.

Imagine your character’s appearance and gear immortalized in a hand-painted resin figurine that you can display on your desk, mantle or toilet tank! Unfortunately, it’s too late to get one for your favorite WoW player for the holidays – due to the popularity, there is a waiting list.

What’s stopping me from buying it?
Akromah’s gear has always been a mismatched ugly mess and now that I can change her hairstyle, she’s not always going to look the same.

His name is Skeeve Sorrowblade. Say it. Skeeeeve. Skeeeeve!

His name is Skeeve Sorrowblade. Say it. Skeeeeve. Skeeeeve!

5. Not-so-custom figurines

So you don’t want to drop $129.99 on a custom character replica? Okay…spend about a ninth of that and get a DC Unlimited Wow figurine. They have a good selection of different races and classes, plus some of the major lore figurines. They’re available at comic book shops and online retailers such as

What’s stopping me from buying it for myself?
The Tuskarr figurine isn’t coming out until April. A perfect gift for my guy, who is exalted with them and as a result, hates their guts! πŸ˜‰

6. The Dell M1730 laptop – World of Warcraft edition

Nothing says, “Honey, I’m sorry for accidentally cutting the outside cable and killing our Internet access for three weeks, forcing you to miss 3 Naxx raids in which all the armor you ever wanted dropped. Merry Christmas and can I please move back in now?” like a gorgeous Horde or Alliance themed Dell laptop. Can you build a better desktop machine yourself, techwise? Sure. Do you really need the wallpapers and extras? Nah. But it’s gorgeous.

What’s stopping me from buying it for myself?
Dude, it’s $2,499. If I wanted to spend a crapload of money on something that does the same as my desktop does right now and only looks better, I’d have bought myself a Mac. πŸ˜‰

Your healer needs this!

Your healer needs this!

7. Caffeinated “Mana” potions!
You’ve been gaming all night because your west-coast guild needed a healer and you caved in to their pleas. Once the boss is down and the loot’s divided up they get to sleep for a few hours, but unlucky you has to head to work. If there was only a magic mana potion to get you through your 8 hours.

Buck up, little adventurer! ThinkGeek is coming to the rescue with a six-pack of caffeinated drinks that are packaged like wee “mana” potions!

What’s stopping me from buying it for myself: The fact that I am at work and my debit card is tucked far away in my purse. But that’s it.

8. Handmade WoW magnets

If you’re looking for something that’s cool, handmade AND affordable, take a look at Mandy Shaner’s collection of WOW magnets on her Etsy shop. They come in Scrabble tile and Bottlecap styles, and if you live in a metal-trimmed cubicle nation like I do, it’s a small way to flash your WoW pride at the office. And they’re only $3.00 each! Perfect if you pulled the gamer in your office for your Secret Santa swap.

What’s stopping me from buying it for myself?
Nothing…hmm… (rummages through purse)

9. Alas, the Gift Card
Out of ideas? Go with the tried and true WoW Prepaid game card – guaranteed to raise your faction by 100%!

Are you asking for anything game-related for the holidays?

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  1. December 12, 2008 1:04 pm

    ahem… Awesome as always akromah–and I’ll gladly buy you those mana pots when I get a chance.

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