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Weekend in Naxxramas – Day 1

January 4, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! As my hated Draenei foes would say in their odd Boris & Natasha accents, “Good health, long life.”

After my disastrous first trip to Naxxramas, I was both excited and frightened about signing up for our second real guild Naxx run. I skipped the first one because I knew I wasn’t ready yet.

We split the run into two parts, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s run was preceded by successful 10-person jaunt to Archevon and Obsidian Sanctum, which netted me the Circle of Arcane Streams.

Then it was on to Naxxramas, which is in Dragonblight.

Floating Pyramid of DOOM ahead!

Floating Pyramid of DOOM ahead!

Day 1’s Party:

Tanks: 2 Frost Death Knights
Heals: Holy Paladin (yours truly), Resto Shaman, Holy Priest
DPS: Affliction Warlock (my guy!), Assassination Rogue, Fire Mage, replaced by an Elemental Shaman, Frost Mage, Marksmanship Hunter

We started in the Arcahnid Quarter, which is. Yes, spiders. Bleah. And to my surprise, things started to work. We downed the first boss, Anub’Rekhan in 3 tries. Not uber, no. But we are all still working on gear and for many of us, it was our first time in the instance. That nasty boss dropped the Chivalric Chestguard which (once gemmed) was a lovely upgrade to my Patina-Coated Breastplate. WIN! The Shaman’s poison cleansing totems helped so much in this fight!

Next in the wing was Grand Widow Faerlina, which we took down on the second try.

The last boss in that wing is Maexxna. Oh. My. God. What a hot mess. Big spider. What’s she do?

  • Every 40 or so seconds she takes a member of your party, slings them against a wall and wraps them with webbing. Which does nature damage to the wrappee. So you have to have a DPSer run to the wall and blast away the web. That’s basically 2 party members occupied.
  • Spits poison in a cone in front of her. A good tank’ll have her turned away from the rest of the party, so your tank’s being drenched in goo.
  • Spawns a bunch of wee spiders every 40 seconds. They hit hard, but can be burned down with an Area of Effect Spell. That’s where your mages, warlocks and hunters (and panicky paladins) come in handy!
  • Tosses Necrotic Poison, which reduces healing taken by 90% This sucks for your tank, who’s being drenched in poison goo.
  • In case you’re not having enough fun, she wraps the ENTIRE PARTY in webs every 40 seconds. When you’re in a web, you can’t do anything for eight seconds. Which is an eternity in online gaming and bull riding.* No attacking, no casting, no healing. Which sucks worse for your tank, who’s being drenched in poison goo.
  • And once you get her health below 30%, she enrages and starts hitting harder.

We wiped SIX times on her before calling it quits. It was too much for our little party to deal with. It was just sad.

The fire mage had to go, so we brought in our 2nd shaman.

Slightly daunted, we continued into the Plague Quarter. No spiders, just cursed ghouls and zombies and evil slimes that one-shot you if they touch you. Don’t ask me about the slime.

Our first boss there was Noth the Plaguebringer. Y’know…I remember nothing about him. At all. I just healed my little heart out as waves of undead soldiers marched through. We downed him.

And since by then it was five hours later (FIVE HOURS!) we broke the party and went to pay attention to real-life things.

Did we go back on Sunday? Did we down anyone? Did your favorite holy paladin get phat loots? Tune in tomorrow for Day 2!

*By the way, have you seen what Luke Perry looks like these days? Go here and scroll about half-way down. (sigh)

You may have noticed the new ads splashed across my blog. All our blogs now sport Google ads, which are fantastic. Because honestly, we newspaper folks need as much financial help as we can get right now. But because these ads are contextual, this blog’s pulling in ads for gold sales and power leveling. Sooo…yeah. All I can say is be really careful before giving your credit card and game account info to complete strangers who misspell words in their own ads. It’s also against Blizzard’s TOS to buy gold. But you all are smarter than that.

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  1. January 4, 2009 11:18 pm

    Grats on the loot! The first few wipes sound painful lol, but I personally feel that going through an instance without prior knowledge becomes some of the most memorable times I’ve had in WoW. I haven;t run Naxx with my guild yet (slow progress casual guild, yeah) but we’re slowly working towards it.

    On a slightly related tangent, you might wanna read up on stuff about WoW Gold, it’s entertaining how some of these stores operate.

  2. January 5, 2009 9:49 am

    Can’t keep reading your blog from work – I’m laughing too hard! πŸ™‚

    I should also take out the “you’re smarter than that” from my post. I once bought gold in Dark Age of Camelot and I think the gold “market” isn’t so bad. Then again, I’m the girl who farms small eggs for a week before Winter Veil and price-gouges for them in the AH. πŸ˜‰

    I just REALLY wish they’d actually have their ads professionally proofread.

    PS: I had to retrieve your post from the automated “spam” pile – sorry!

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