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Weekend in Naxxramas – Day 2

January 5, 2009

(or, how I learned to love leather)

Without further ado:

Day 2’s Party:
Tanks: 2 Frost Death Knights
Heals: Holy Paladin (yours truly), Resto Shaman, Holy Priest
DPS: 2 Affliction Warlocks (one was my guy!, and the other was replaced by a combat rogue), Assassination Rogue, Frost Mage, Marksmanship Hunter

Helmet on, ready to roll.

Helmet on, ready to roll.

By the way, I have to give mad props to one of our tanks. While one of them was the first DK in our guild to hit 80, the other just hit 80 on Saturday. We pooled a bunch of saronite and crafted tanky armor for him, and stole him to Naxx to be our off-tank. He barely had time to train.

So it was back to the Plague Quarter for us. Having taken down Noth on Saturday, we began clearing the trash to the next boss. He’s appropriately named Heigan the Unclean.

Technically, he’s pretty easy. Damage him and heal the tanks. The hard part is that you have to keep moving around the room to avoid huge waves of … acid? … splooshing up from the cracks in the floor. This is what the World of Warcraft… world … calls the “Safety Dance”

The below video has music. Wonderful 80’s music! It also explains better than I could how the fight works.

Our raid leader explained the fight and emboldened by the knowledge of the mechanics of the game, I began to dance the dance and saw…



(unfortunately, I didn’t have the video before I tried this.)

After FOUR wipes, we downed the bum. I survived the whole last fight. My guy, the warlock, won the Ring of Holy Cleansing. It doesn’t sound warlocky, but the spirit buff helps his Fel Armor. That’s all I know about playing a warlock.

The last boss in the quarter is Loatheb. There are moments when I think that in Wrath of the Lich King, Blizzard decided to make fights hard by crippling the healers. The boss fight in Nexus is one, where everyone has to jump after every spell cast to keep Keristrasza from freezing you to the ground.

This fight is another. While all the crap goes on, damage, poison, shadow damage debuffs, etc, healing only works once a minute for three seconds.

That covers heals, dispels, potions, bandages, healthstones, etc.

Hard. Hard. HARD.

There are fungal spores around too that, upon being killed, grants the nearest 5 people to it a nice buff to crit and takes away their threat. But when you only have 3 seconds to heal, you don’t want to waste it tracking down a spore.

Because our healing time was so limited, I was strictly on the tank, and the priest and shaman tried to keep everyone else up. Having the Deadly Boss Mods addon helped slightly because we could call out over Ventrilo a countdown to when people could chug potions or bandage.

We downed him on our sixth try, finished the plague quarter and got an achievement!

Click to enlarge! Yes, I died.

Click to enlarge!


Hey, guild! You just cleared a full quarter of Naxxramas! What do you do now?

Go back to Maexxna!

We had a bit more DPS going today than yesterday, so it only took us 3 tries to finish her off and get the achievement for the Plague Quarter. I didn’t screenshot that because I was practically weeping with joy. I did, however, get the Aegis of Damnation. Both the shaman and I rolled on the shield. We had the same shield to begin with, so it was an even upgrade for either of us.

We had a little left in us, so we ventured into the Construct Quarter and engaged the first boss, Patchwerk. He’s pretty much a tank-n-spank and the only restriction is that after seven minutes he enrages. We downed him on the 2nd try. I was shocked. Even more so when Contagion Gloves dropped. Healy gloves. The shaman had better gloves on him, and the priest couldn’t wear leather. So I took them. I don’t like to go lower than mail when it comes to armor, but these were such an upgrade over my Web Winder Gloves I couldn’t resist.

We ended there. Because it had been 5 hours and I really needed a shower.

All in all, it was a bumpy journey. It’ll go much better once we’re all geared up and more familiar with the fights. Sure, I could progress much faster if I was part of a hard-core raiding guild, but I’m fortunate enough to be in a guild that’s good enough to do the content I want but laid-back enough to laugh through the whole thing.

Now that the holidays are officially over, what are your WoW goals?

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  1. January 5, 2009 2:47 pm

    My main goal is to get at least one, if not most of my characters (esp. my new Hyjal main Claghold ^_^) up to the point where I can actually understand posts like this one.

    Also, to learn more about add-ons; and to start paying attention to all the other goals one can have in WoW (like rep or professions) besides simple grinding.

    Also: tank-n-spank?! O_o

  2. January 5, 2009 5:00 pm

    Tank-n-spank. It’s slang for your basic fight. The tank keeps the enemy focused on him/her by taunting and such. Healer keeps the tank alive. DPSers go nuts on the enemy. I love those fights. Nice and easy!

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