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And speaking of armies…

January 7, 2009

My guild has four or five active members of the military and two or three former members. I’ve noticed a couple of you are also military. I’ve played a few other MMORPGs in the past, and never remember such a military presence.

Is this just a fluke in my little window of the world, or is WoW a popular pastime for military folks?

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  1. Rob permalink
    January 8, 2009 11:09 am

    While in Iraq I was sent to Kuwait for a month. At the PX they sold the $1.99 trial software for WoW. I tried and was hooked. When I got back to my unit, I found several others who also played. Despite incredibly bad internet and limited access, we played when we could. I got used to playing with a 1200ms lag but I could only play in the starting areas, PvP was impossible. But I do enjoy listening to people cry when their latency goes over 150.

  2. Jessica permalink
    January 10, 2009 1:44 pm

    I wasnt able to play it over in Kuwait when I was stationed there, but after hearing about it from a lot of fellow airman both deployed and at home I decided to give it a try. And now since I also talk about it, I’ve found even more pple who work on my base and play it (even some cops at the gate).

    I’ve been on a 2 week hiatus from the game due to my brothers visit and I will be in Texas next week, so I’m itching to get back “into the game” and see how my Guildmates are doing.
    Keep writing, I enjoy your blog immensly.
    (And I’m also a miner so I understand the “Miner’s frustration”)

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