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Walking in a Wintergrasp Wonderland

January 9, 2009

I had been in Wintergrasp, the level 80 battleground, before but last night was the first time I’ve joined the battle at the very beginning.

I’m not much of a PvPer, but with I can purchase Jewelcrafting patterns with the Stone Keeper’s shards. And you get 3 shards per daily quest completed. So because I’m super-dedicated to my ingame craft* I decided to hop into the raid and slaughter some Alliance.

I can’t exactly tell you what I did besides ride on siege engines and heal combatants as we drove by. I died a few times, too. The amount of lag on the battleground was incredible. My framerate took a nose dive and the battle looked like images in a flip book.

But the Horde was triumphant in overtaking the hold, so I got my shards, bought a pattern and somewhere along the way gained four achievements: Against the Odds, Wintergrasp Victory, That Takes Class and Destruction Derby.

My favorite battleground is Warsong Gulch. I love running besides the flag carrier, healing them as I go. Unfortunately, that damn Death Knight Death Grip talent from hell is really good at snatching a healer and yanking them away from their party. Grrrr…

Anyway, safe travels to you this weekend – if all goes well my guy and I will be meeting some of our guildies this weekend. In person! Yes, real life socialization!

*as opposed to my real-life jewelrymaking which has gathered dust since Wrath came out.

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