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World's Worst Mage takes on Uldaman

January 17, 2009

After a slightly stressful work week, all I wanted to do last night was blow stuff up.

Enter Leota, world’s worst mage.

Look! I match Orgrimmar!

Look! I match Orgrimmar!

She’s sporting an new hairdo that I like to call “coffin-head” (like bed-head, but for undead, get it?) – the pigtails were too gnomish for me.

Since I blogged about her last I spec’ed her back into fire and at level 45 last night found her in Tanaris setting pirates on fire. She received a whisper about a casting a portal to Orgrimmar for a group for a few gold. Free gold! Sure thing.

She got a group invite and went to Gadgetzan to cast the port. The group was on their way to Uldaman and asked if I wanted in. I politely declined, saying that I’d really not played her in ages and was trying to shake the rust off. But the party said they didn’t mind – there were two other low-40’s toons and they were having a level 67 rogue friend take them through.

I usually don’t like running PUGs (short for Pick-Up-Groups) but how could I resist?

I’m glad I went along, because I got to test out her AoE (area of effect spells – damage that is focused across a whole area rather than one one enemy) spells and try to get timing and such down.



The party was a lot of fun – the players were great and gave me some tips on how to play a mage, and I earned enough xps to easily level to 46!


Today Akromah’s off to a 10-person Naxx raid with the guild. Last night I bought her the Bone-Framed Bracers and the Poignant Sabatons from the Auction House so that she can heal in style. Her unbuffed +healing is now 1829 (I was around 1200 when WoTLK came out) and her holy crit chance is 29.47%.

Safe travels to you this weekend!

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