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Spiders and Death Knights and Slimes, oh my!

January 18, 2009

Very Important News Announcement: In case you have not heard, the Eagles lost tonight and Obama’s being inaugurated on Tuesday. I know it’s been hard to find info on these little-followed news events. Just doing my part.

Back to WoWtalk. I should put it out there that my guild is a friendly bunch of casual players that raid on weekends. We’re not hardcore by any means (to the dismay of some of our members, I suppose) so our progress is very slow going.

Right now, we’re still plowing through Naxxramas, which is where I was Saturday!

Feasting before fighting

Feasting before fighting

Having cleared most of my afternoon, I was nervous to see that Blizzard brought my server down for 2 hours of emergency instance maintenance an hour before go-time. Luckily, it came up after an hour (underpromise, overdeliver) and our party formed. Which consisted of:

  • Tanks: Protection Warrior, Frosty Death Knight
  • DPS: Affliction Warlock (my guy!), Assassination Rogue, 2 Marksmanship Hunters (plus a cat and a wolf), and a Frost Mage
  • Healers: Resto Shaman, Holy Priest and yours truly, the Holy Paladin

So once we Wintergrasp was successfully defended off we went to…

Readers: Naxxramas?

No, Archevon. We can only do that when Horde controls Wintergrasp. It’s easy. Two pulls, then you’re at the boss. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Downing him gave me the last Emblem of Heroism I needed to purchase my Libram of Renewal, so I ported back to Dalaran while the rest of the raid went to…

Readers: Naxxramas!

No, Obsidian Vault to take down Sartharion. Another quickie 10-person instance. While I didn’t win the roll on the sweet 22-slot Dragonhide bag, I did win the Satchel of Spoils, which gave me 5 more Emblems of Heroism and 38 gold. Hurrah!

It took us 58 minutes to do both instances. Then it was off to:

Readers: … Dire Maul.

No, sillies, Naxxramas! But seriously, I know those two runs are quickies but I’d prefer our guild schedules them separately (like on a weeknight) because by the time we hit Naxx, we already have an hour of fatigue. Anyhoo, you may recall we did parts of this 2 weeks ago.

We started off in the Arachnid Quarter, and took down Anub’Rekhan and Grand Widow Faerlina without a second thought. My guy won the Agonal Sash from Anub’Rekhan. On our first try with Maexxna, two of our raiders weren’t in the room when we started and got locked out. One of those was our 3rd healer. So we wiped. The second time we wiped because the priest got web wrapped and died. On the third try, we downed her, but only after she enraged.

Pally talk: I dumped a Hand of Sacrifice on the Main Tank and Beacon of Light on myself after the enrage. I took some of his damage for him and Beacon gave me back some of the heals I put on him.

Boom. Arachnid Quarter done! Repair bot dropped, feast served, buffs rolled out, and off we went to the Plague Quarter.

Noth dropped like the Eagles (oh! burn!) on our first try, and I won the roll on the Dark Shroud of the Scourge which was a bit of an upgrade from my Reanimator’s Cloak. Yay me!

And off we went to Heigan. The Safety Dance guy. While people took a bio break, I listened to the Safety Dance song to psych myself up. Once the fight was explained to the ones who had never done it before we downed him on the first try and I danced the dance and lived through the waves of slime. You know what? That is my favorite fight of the whole wretched instance. I have no idea why. Then again, I loved the Shade of Aran in Karazahn, too. I’m just weird.

Next up was Loatheb. Remember, in this one you only have 3 seconds to heal every 20 seconds. So the fight sucked. But I learned to start casting my Holy Light spell 2.5 seconds before the debuff lifts so it hits the tank as soon as we can heal. Once, I managed to get off the Holy light, a Holy Shock and a Flash of Light before the 3 second window was up. And we took him down on the first try too!

Pally talk: On this fight, I cast Beacon of Light on myself as well and scooted closer to the tank before the debuff lifted. Funny…in 5-person runs, I Beacon the Tank more. In 10-person raids, I Beacon myself, because the tank’s always being healed and me? Not so much.

Boom. Plague Quarter done! Repair bot dropped, feast served, buffs rolled out, and off we went to the Construct Quarter.

I hate those slimes that kill you when they touch you. Just saying.

Patchwerk went down on the first try and I won the Tainted Girdle of Mending which just sounds disgusting but compared to my lvl 78 blue belt was a gift from The Light itself! I died on the slimes again on the way to the next boss, Grobbulus.

This was the first time we had ever tried him as a guild. He drops poison clouds that expand and last for 75 seconds. He casts “Mutating Injection” on players that make them drop poison clouds. He sprays the raid with goo that spawns slimes. And if you don’t kill him in 12 minutes, he enrages and wipes the raid.

We tried him twice and wiped twice before giving up. Our tank lead him around the perimeter of the square shaped room, dropping poison clouds as he went. When players had the Injection, they had to run into the blank spaces between his poison clouds and drop their own. We just couldn’t DPS him down in time before us healers ran out of mana. By that time we were growing tired – it had been about 5 hours total game time. But we decided to try the first boss of the Military quarter to see if we could get him.

He is Instructor Razuvious. He is a Death Knight Trainer. He has two understudies with him that the tanks can mind control using big crystals. The understudies (controlled by us, the good guys) take turns tanking the Instructor while the healers heal the them (yeah, weird) and the Instructor hurls knives at the raid. Got it? Great, just be sure not to pull Raz before the tanks are at the crystals okay?

Because that’s how we died the first time. The second time, we got him good.

Pally talk: I healed the understudies, the priest healed the raid and the shammy helped both of us when needed. I Beaconed one understudy and healed the heck out of the other one, which healed both. I ❤ Beacon of Light.

And then we broke for the night, to be continued on Sunday. My guy and I had things to do today (shopping, bathing, etc) so we didn’t go for part 2. The guild swapped in an enhancement shaman and a resto druid and finished the rest of the military wing.

It was quite a “fat loot” Saturday for this Holy Paladin. I hope your weekend was just as adventurous with far fewer repairs.

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  1. January 20, 2009 6:27 pm

    Roll Alliance and get +5 to your [Dance Skillz]

  2. January 20, 2009 7:13 pm

    Bah…it won’t let us put images into the comments. 😦

  3. January 20, 2009 8:41 pm

    Gaaaar! Why won’t the damn images work!!!!! it was a funny one!

  4. January 21, 2009 9:35 am

    Email me the link to the pic and I’ll post it.

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