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Patch day links

January 20, 2009

It’s patch day, it’s patch day! The North American realms went down at about 6am EST and Blizz estimates they’ll be back up by 2pm. Which is after my lunch. Boo! Hiss!

Since there’s absolutely nothing else of note happening today (rolls eyes), here are some WoW links to keep you occupied while you wait for the realms to come up.

How World of Warcraft Promotes Innovation – This is a serious (and interesting) read about the skills we learn in WoW and how it makes us uber in the workplace. As long as you don’t yell “Leeeeeeeroy Jenkins!” before you enter a meeting, that is.

It’s good to be No. 2 – my Gannett coworker in Guam blogs about his much more successful raid experiences.

And here are the patch notes! I’m excited about the paladin changes. That buff to my Holy Light Glyph will be quite welcome, as will my new ranged taunt and the mining changes. Go read!

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