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Will you go run with me?

January 22, 2009

While my guy and I and a handful of our guildmates are on the East Coast, the vast majority of my guildmates are West Coasters. And when they’re getting starting to organize their 5-person heroic runs, I’m usually on my way to bed. As a result, I’ve only successfully completed 3 Heroics.

And I hate PUGs. So, I groused a bit. Then figured, this is a GAME. My experience is what I make of it, right?

So earlier this week, I hopped onto my guild’s website andset up my own run for tonight:

Heroic Halls of Stone. I’ve been there on regular, but never Heroic. I have 3 confirmed people, a tentative tank, and one more open DPS Slot.

Ugh, my nerves. This is worse than planning a real-life party. I hope I can heal this…

I’ll let you know tomorrow how we make out.

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  1. Justin permalink
    January 22, 2009 6:20 pm

    I can understand your hesitance to PUG a heroic, however doing PUGs allows you an oppertunity to meet new people and see different playstyles. I have made some of my best online friends through PUGs. I recall meeting a priest in a Shadow Vault PUG that actually recruited me into my current guild. Just remember when you put limits on who you will run with, the only person your limiting is yourself.

    Best of luck in H.HoS! Let us know how it goes.

  2. January 24, 2009 4:05 am

    I definitely agree with Justin I used to be the same way on my Ally server, but I realized that the fact that I had run into some jerks via PUG’s I wouldn’t meet those nice people either. Besides, not everyone in a guild is perfect. I’ve met some people I would never run with in-guild, and I’ve been in some guilds that had some well geared, raid crazed players who knew their class.

    When you say…

    Then figured, this is a GAME. My experience is what I make of it, right?

    You are putting limits on your experience if you normally refuse PUG’s. I used to be the same way. 🙂 In my currently guild I blew past a lot of people gear-wise because I was willing to PUG, and they normally wouldn’t do runs outside the guild. Think about your experience on your lowbie mage, you found a great PUG group.

    Yes you’ll have some terribad experiences you’ll also have good ones too and have a larger group of people to pool from when you want to do a certain run which later means groups most likely won’t be PUG’s. I still do PUGs now although I don’t have to someone I’ve met from doing PUG’s is always online.

    I definitely agree about seeing the different playstyles running them constantly I haven’t gotten “comfortable” with a certain type of playstyle since players vary. It’s definitely kept me on my toes, and I believe has made me an even better player.

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