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Our daily bread

January 30, 2009

Like many players, I don’t have a lot of WoW time during the week. After I come home, change, greet the Warlock and the dogs, & have dinner, I find myself with an hour or maybe 90 minutes of time. If House, The Closer, or Dancing with the Stars* is on, my attention is cut in half. So I find myself doing daily quests.

I always do my Jewelcrafting daily,and I let that dictate what else I do that night.

Shipment: Blood Jade Amulet requires a Vrykul Amulet. So if that’s my daily, I make sure to combine it with Assault by Air, Assault by Ground, and Blood of the Chosen.

Shipment: Shifting Sun Curio requires a Scourge Curio. That means I’ll do these dailies from the Orgrim’s Hammer airship: <a href=";Drag and Drop, <a href=""That's Abominable!, Not A Bug!, Retest Now, Volatility

Those two are the ones I receive most often.

Shipment: Bright Armor Relic requires an elemental armor scrap from a revenant. If I’m feeling froggy (and Horde controls it) I’ll go to Wintergrasp for its revenant population. (Froggy because entering the WG zone flags you as PvP). If I’m barely paying attention, I’ll take the flight path to Wyrmrest Temple and take their Ice Revenants, then do Defending Wyrmrest Temple . Once I start caring about the Sons of Hodir reputation, I can pick up scraps in that zone, too.

The other 3 possibilities for the JC daily are: Shipment: Intricate Bone Figurine, Shipment: Glowing Ivory Figurine and Shipment: Wicked Sun Brooch. I go back to Howling Fjord to take care of these. Then it’s pretty much a dead-end, daily-wise. When that happens, I’ll do some Ebon Blade quests and mining (which I call ‘oreing around‘) in Icecrown.

No matter what, I’m always sure to head to Wintergrasp when it opens for some alliance-smashing fun. I’ve tried driving siege engines and sitting in gun turrets, but I’m my happiest when I’m on the front lines, hiding in the wreckages of demolished vehicles and healing my buddies. If I’m lucky, I can take care of those dailies too.

All these dailies means that Akro’s riding around with about 2,000 gold in her bag. Because of that I can pay for my own flasks/potions/etc for raids and the repair bills afterward. Plus, I try to “tithe” 10% of what I have on Tuesdays to the guild bank to keep it healthy.

This weekend the Warlock and I will be on the guild’s 10-person Naxx run. Maybe we’ll finally clear all 4 quarters!

Any weekend plans for you?

* Shut up.

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  1. January 30, 2009 2:05 pm

    buy me and epic mount! *no wait.. I don’t play much anymore…*

  2. January 30, 2009 3:32 pm

    Dailies must be on the brain, WOWgrrl wrote about Cooking Dailies and I have a post about Fishing and Cooking that I most likely will post this weekend. 🙂 I hate dailies but…I like the buffs that come with Cooking so I felt obligated to level cooking and fishing too. I think our group will finish up 10-man Naxx this weekend. We have 25 man coming up this Monday.

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