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On the mend

February 5, 2009

..and on the way to being nerfed OMG!

Look! Paladins ARE good single-target healers!

Look! Paladins ARE good single-target healers!

Home sick again, but now that the sweats and chills have gone I feel downright peppy, despite the warzone inside my respiratory system. I even managed to drag myself to the PC and moved my rep with the Sons of Hodir from neutral to friendly. Then I blew myself up on land mines. Then I took a nap, exhausted from the “excitement” of it all.

When I woke up, the healer world was all a-chatter about the changes to mana regeneration for healers.

(go read. shoo. back? ok.)

I’m really going to miss Divine Plea. It was a handy little way to increase my mana during trash pulls and lulls in Boss fights. And I loved it when soloing PvE. But a 50% reduction in healing for 20 seconds is just too much to risk during a fight. I’m worried that the changes in regeneration are going to affect my ability to heal all but the most uncrushable of tanks through 5-person Heroic Boss fights. And although I like the 10-person raids, the fives are my favorite.

As a casual player it took me a while to reconfigure how I played to adjust to the 3.0 changes. I still wish I could drop 30-minute Salvation on some of the crazy AoE aggro-pullers. I think I’ll copy Akro over to the the test realm once 3.1 goes live there and see what the real deal is.

I’ve been 1/4-joking (almost serious) with the guild about retiring Akromah because I’m growing weary of healing. Remember, I’ve been healing in these MMORPGs for years and years. Now I may have to give world’s worst mage another shot. 🙂

Safe travels and stay healthy!

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  1. February 6, 2009 10:09 am

    Is that a rectal thermometer? Just curious.

  2. February 6, 2009 10:49 pm


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