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Quality time with World's Worst Mage

February 6, 2009

Tonight I spent some time with Leota, World’s Worst Mage.

Right now she’s in Feralas and I’ve been following Jame’s Horde Leveling Guide to make sure my time with her is spent as efficiently as possible. Problem was, I got into such a groove with her and her spell rotation that I spent an hour happily igniting Ogres when I actually had killed my 10 Ogre Warlocks and 5 Ogre Brutes 10 minutes into the session. Whoops! So much for efficiency.

Currently she’s all fire, but on the advice of a guild mage I’m going to try an arcane/frost spec to give myself a little variety and to learn the other trees.

Tomorrow’s our weekly Naxx-10 run. Akromah’s one of only two healers signed up so I’m a skosh worried. I don’t think we’re good enough yet to go with only 2 healers.

When Twilight and WoW worlds Collide: Tonight I saw a hunter named Renesmee. I didn’t see her pet, but I hope it was a wolf named Jacob.

Time to dose myself with Nyquil and head to bed. Goodnight, Internet!

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