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It's tough to be a Warlock

February 9, 2009

In addition to our 25-person runs, we dorked our way through Naxx-10 this weekend. We took it slowly because we had a few different people in the raid and our dps (that’s damage per second) wasn’t as high as previous weeks.

Patchwerk, the first boss in the construct quarter, occasionally drops Blade of Dormant Memories. And despite the druidish description, it makes a right fine Warlock dagger. And Level 80 purple Warlock one-handers really don’t exist outside of Naxx.

The Warlock had been waiting for it to drop week after week. After week. After week. After week.

And as the Paladin plate dropped like manna from heaven the Warlock loot table was quite bare.

This week, when we downed Patchwerk, he finally, FINALLY, dropped the dagger. By the generosity of our shaman who didn’t roll on it (I love the people I play this game with), The Warlock finally got his dagger.

After the run we were hanging out in Dalaran, which has basically become the Starbucks of the over-80 set. I hear muttering from The Warlock’s desk.

The Warlock: …so I’ll come over here, by the Horde barrels…perfect.
Me: What are you doing?
The Warlock: Taking a picture of me and my new dagger for your blog!
Me: Uh, okay.

So here you go.



Today’s Ding! cracked me up, as it has to do with his strange class.

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  1. February 16, 2009 11:18 pm

    I feel your Warlock’s pain, as a fellow warlock. I got lucky on the dagger, fortunately, and it dropped the first time I downed Patch. However, let’s just not talk about how long it took to get my pants….and my epic failure at rolling anything above a 10 in a 25 man raid.

    Anyway, I found you because I was googling ways to not die on Heigan. Someone said the zones matched the chord changes in the song….but so far, no video confirmation of this.

    Good luck in your WoW adventures!

    ~Zafirah, Boulderfist (US-PvP)

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