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What am I talking about?

February 10, 2009

Because my blog’s a part of the Courier-Post site, I feel like sometimes I attract readers and immediately scare them off with the weird language of WoW. I also occasionally get email from readers new to WoW and have no idea what a word means. And my parents read this blog from time to time, too. And while I’m sure they know it’s game specific language, they also remember me saying things like, “Gag me with a spoon!” and “Word to yo’ Mother.”

So I wrote up a WoW glossary of terms that I use in the blog. You can find it in the right hand column under Pages.

Back to sniffling about my nerfed Divine Plea. Siha at Banana Shoulders said it better than I can.

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  1. February 10, 2009 6:13 pm

    You didn’t really say “Word to yo’ Mother” did you?

  2. john permalink
    February 11, 2009 8:07 am

    I’m with Adam, I just can’t imagine such a very articulate person as yourself saying , “Word to yo’ Mother.” Really hard to fathom.

  3. February 11, 2009 9:49 am

    I used to be a Club MTV-watching 17 year old with heavily lined eyes and hair that touched the my car’s ceiling. You figure out if I’m telling the truth. 😉

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