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World's Worst Mage Wednesday!

February 11, 2009

Lard, Leota & Spike

Lard, Leota & Spike

In my effort to get another character up to 80 (and to offset a potential case of healer burnout) I’ve been playing more and more of Leota, World’s Worst Mage.

Since Sunday night I put a level and a half on her, bringing her up to 49 — TEN WHOLE LEVELS since I moved her over to my current server. Right now she’s in the Hinterlands doing quests from Revantusk Village. Taking the advice of a guildie, I took her out of her pure fire spec and put her points into frost and arcane – and I’m having fun with it!

And because I feel guilty for giving Akromah all the love, I spent some of my Emblems of Heroism on the Tattered Dreadmist Mantle for Leota. This is an heirloom item which means any character I have on my account can wear it at any level. The stats increase as the level increases, and the 10% experience bonus is nothing to sneeze at.

Once Leota hits 80 (stop laughing!) she’ll be able to send the shoulders off to Malerenne, or any other clothie character I happen to roll in the meantime.

You’ll notice Spike in the screenshot. Spike is Leota’s pet cockroach, bought in the Undercity many years ago for 50 silver. Which was a huge sum for a level 10 or so mage. I recall the gentleman I was with at the time being aghast that instead of buying something useful (armor, weapon, potions, etc) I spent the first 50s I saved on a pet. it’s only pixels, right? I named him Spike. Spike’s been with me for both server jumps, which I believe makes him WoW’s most traveled cockroach.

Gratz, Spike!

Gratz, Spike!


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